Flesh Art Zombie short

Hi All,

Heres a short film I had some involvement in. It was conceived and made by some of my old students. I hope you enjoy.



Hi all,

Well I haven't posted on this blog for some time now. I figured seen as it was to follow the progress of the werewolf (which is finished now) I would start a new blog that will be a general blog. I will post more progress images of my work as well as profiles of artists that inspire me. If your interested in having a look then follow the link below:

I have only just started the blog so at the moment there isn't much on there but please do follow it as I have lots of things coming up.




Welcome to the werewolf blog

Thanks for checking into this Blog. I have created this so you can see the whole process of building a 1:1 scale werewolf display bust. From concept to final piece I will try and show as much information as possible.

So why have I decided to go for a werewolf? You may be asking yourself. Well over the years there has been many werewolf designs, some have become Icon's Like Rick Baker's beautifully designed creature from John Landis's 1981 dark comedy, An American Werewolf in London. And others maybe didn't work as well like the creature from Brenton Spencer's 2008 Horror flick Never cry Werewolf.

The one thing that is consistent with these designs in my mind is the fact that all of them have similar design elements. The teeth are based on canine teeth, the ears are based on canine ears, and the eyes invariably are based on canine eyes and so on. I began to think to myself that seen as this is a human that has changed into a werewolf what’s to say there couldn't be more human traits in the design.

With this in mind I have begun to research into various areas such as hair colouration, skin colouration, Primate Physiology and of course breed of wolf. Hopefully my design will be at first glance quite traditional but at the same time subtly different.

Anyway enough of me talking about it...

Come back soon for more




Hi there,

Well I know I haven't started sculpting the character yet but I thought I would show you the eyes I will be using. I decided to use these eye as they seem to have elements of wolf eyes (colour) and Human eyes (size of iris and veining). They are in fact Baboon eyes and seen as humans are descendants of the apes to me they seem like the perfect choice for what I am planning. The eyes are hand blown glass eyes from Eyedentity products.

The next job to do is to produce a small silicone mould of the eyes then cast them in Urethane resin so as to produce the blanks that I will then use in the sculpt.

Next time I will talk about the teeth....



My friend Shani Sela a superb artist from Israel Wanted me to write the next section sooner than I was going to, so here I go...

Of course one of the main aspects of the werewolf is its teeth. Using the same design ethic, I began to research into Wolf jaws. I looked at many photographs of Wolf jaws and skulls but it soon became clear to me that the amount of teeth doesn’t match up with that of the human jaw. I started to scratch my head and wander what could I do. I had considered designing and sculpting them from the ground up, that was until I had an Epiphany!! I had decided on Baboon eyes "so what do baboon teeth look like?" I thought. After many hours of research I was very excited to see that baboon teeth would be perfect for what I want.

I found a source for these teeth made by Mohr Jaw sets. As you can see by the photo I have posted, these teeth have the same amount of teeth as a human jaw and also in the same configuration. Of course the jaw is a lot longer than that of a human jaw making them perfect for a werewolf.

Next time I will talk about the Hair...


sketch of werewolf

Hi there, I did promise to write a little about the hair I have chosen to use but I thought I would write a little about the design I have chosen to go for instead. As mentioned previously I am trying to make the werewolf look traditional but with subtle differences. Now bare in mind I'm not good at drawing (most would say I'm not that good at sculpting either), so don't laugh at my sketch.

OK, I have sketched the creature without hair so you will have to use your imagination for a while. I will continue to sketch and develop my ideas as I progress and of course I will post them here...


Sketchy update

Hi There, I thought I would do a quick update, I decided to take my crappy sketch and scan it into photoshop and have a play around. And here it is now, as you can see I have shaded him a little but I have also slightly changed the shape of the skull and neck. I have still left the hair off but I will put some hair on this image and post it again in the 'hair section I keep promising to post. Don't forget you can make comments about this blog at the bottom of each posting so don't be shy all comments re welcome (as long as they are clean)...